The business plan is the most important document designed to examine and anticipate all aspects of the business before it is launched.
A business plan contains featuring applications such as a financial plan, a production plan, a marketing plan, an organizational structure, strategy of business plan, and so on.
Considering the importance of designing this plan in accepting a project by investors, Persian darou alborz research and technology fund, Considering many past experiences and utilizing expert and technical teams As one of the active brokers of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund(nsfund) and Contact with scientific network of medical universities such as Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, and Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and other , evaluate business plans, financial and economic study of feasibility of projects in health area and Provides consultancy services to optimize and implement successful projects, to knowledge companies and investor organizations.
This institution with due to itself experiences and presents different services in area of business with applying specialists and experienced team, such as: assessment, business plan, development, development and assessment of feasibility reports, rating of technological knowledge and design of business model depend on scientific principles and methods and announcing the range of economic and technical, financial, marketing, performance risks and verify project executives and express necessary tips to knowledge-based companies and investment institution for optimization of project.